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Check out this magazine article in Mansfield NOW July 2018 about MATA and one of our favorite tennis kids!!


Over the Net

- By Rick Mauch

     Giada Magill hits the tennis ball back across the net using her favorite stroke - the two-handed backhand. Though she's only 9 years old, she's come a long way in three years of learning the game. She's also come a long way in life. When she was only 4, she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor, a kidney cancer found in children. "It was scary. We caught it early," said her mother, Karina. "We were at Disney World, and she said her stomach hurt. Well, a lot of kids' stomachs hurt at Disney World with all the different things they eat, but when we came home, it continued. It was immediate surgery. It was a different side of life she had to see early."

     Now, Giada, an only child, is loving life. She's healthy, and every day is a new experience. She loves trying new things, which is how she got involved in the tennis classes she takes through the Mansfield Area Tennis Association. It started out as camps, but now she and several friends participate each Tuesday at Chandler Park. "This is our first year of the structured courses," said Roger Greenwood, MATA president.  "We have three classes currently all doing age-related tennis activities, and they're based on USTA (United States Tennis Association) guidelines."

     Giada admits she wasn't all that interested in tennis at first. But then, she realized she actually likes it - a lot. ''

''At first, I thought, Whatever, but I looked closer and saw what cool things tennis players can do," she said.

     A third-grader at Martha Reid Leadership Academy, Giada was introduced to tennis through a three-day Mansfield Activities Center Spring Camp in 2016 run by MATA. Karina said that it was offered free at Giada's school last year, so, "Bingo. It was a no-brainer."

     Karina; her husband, Richard; and Giada also participated in the MATA family Play Day tennis sessions twice a month on Saturday mornings last year. They've taken a break for now, according to Karina, but Giada is still going strong.

     Along with playing, Giada likes the camaraderie that goes with participating in the program. "I like tennis, but I also like meeting new kids, " she said. "Plus, it helps playing different people."

     Along with tennis, Giada swims. Both sports help her leg muscles, which weakened due to the chemo she received. She also does horseback riding. And when she's not participating in sports or doing schoolwork, Giada can be found playing piano.  She's been taking lessons each week for three years, and she just got a new piano for Christmas.

     She also likes to color. She and a friend at school, who likes to draw, love sharing their art. "My friend draws, and I color the pictures of Pusheen the Cat," she said. "We actually give them away for free. We just do it for the fun, and so our friends can enjoy them."

     Karina can tell the difference in Giada from the time she first picked up a racquet three years ago. "We're no Serena Williams (Giada's favorite player), but she's a lot better," Karina said. "In the first classes, it was focusing on basics, but now they're doing things like focusing on resistance.

     ''Also, for me as a mom, it's good exercise that doesn't look like exercise. I don't have to force her to get exercise. As long as they keep having these classes, we will keep her in them."

     Besides tennis, Giada also has big plans for her own future. "When I grow up, I want to be an inventor," she said. "The world needs help, and I want to help keep kids from getting diseases."  Mansfield NOW July 2018